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Annual wellness exams provide us with the necessary information to create a "baseline" for your pet's health. When we are able to track his/her weight, blood chemistry, and vaccine history we are better equipped to diagnose changes in your pet. Time passes more quickly for our pet's so their health can change quickly too; with regular annual health exams changes in your pet can be found earlier and therefore treatment started sooner.  And finally, our pet's can't tell us if anything is wrong and they will instictivly hide pain so a visit to the vet annually will aid them with quality of life. We include complimentary nail trims in all our wellness exams.

wellness exams
Annual Health Examinations – A thorough assessment of your pet will include examination of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, teeth, coat, joints and body systems. Travelling information, behavioral tips, and nutrition will also be discussed along with any other concerns you may have regarding your pet's health and wellness

Vaccination Appointments - Your pet will be treated like a part of our family during their vaccination appointment! We provide a thorough examination of your canine or feline companion complete with a specifically catered vaccination protocol designed with your pet's specific needs in mind.

Behavior Consultations - Whether it's concerns with regarding aggression, shyness, inappropriate elimination behaviors, or anxiety, we are here to find a solution. Whatever the issue, we have recommendations, training information, and handouts that will help your pet learn proper behaviors and positive social interactions.

Eye and Ear Examinations - Any medical concerns regarding the eyes or the ears can be very uncomfortable for your pet, so we encourage quick and efficient care. We also include a complimentary recheck appointment to ensure all issues have fully resolved after the initial treatment and examination.

Isolation ward for treatment of infectious diseases - Any illnesses that are contagious to other pets are treated in a separate isolation ward to prevent the spread of disease. Our isolation ward is situated away from all other pets, and we adhere to strict disinfecting protocols. Our isolation ward has everything necessary to treat such illnesses, and ensures your pet receives the ultimate in care in a safe, comfortable environment.

Breeder puppy vaccinations - Breeders choose our state of the art facility because we offer high end, economical options for litters of puppies and kittens.

Travelling - When travelling with your pet outside of Alberta, we like to ensure that you are fully prepared with the appropriate documents, and meet the necessary criteria in order to enter another province or country. Even when travelling into British Columbia or Saskatchewan- make sure your pet is protected against potential parasites or illnesses that are found outside of our home province. Heartworm control must always be considered when leaving the province, as this particular parasite can be detrimental to your pet if contracted.

Pediatric patient exams - Receive a complimentary wellness package during your puppy or kitten's first visit! We will provide a full examination, vaccinations and de-wormer if required, and certificate of health. Discussions about your specific pet's breed, genetics, and nutrition recommendations will also be covered. And don't forget we give lots of love and treats!

Geriatric patient exams - Did you know that your pet is a senior by the age of 7 years? Senior patients require special attention, and we are here to help ensure that any illnesses are detected early on to correct or prevent quick progression.

Insurance - Pet insurance is just as important as your car insurance, as it provides coverage for your pet against accident and illness. Register your pet early as a young animal for the best insurance policies.

Referrals - For optimal patient care and more extensive specialty procedures we have the capability to refer your pet to a specialist within the city. This ensures that your animal is always receiving the highest of quality in medicine and diagnostics. 
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