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Our double surgery suite and experienced veterinary team can complete a large variety of surgical procedures. We also offer a texting service and will send you a photo update after your pet is recovered from surgery.

Surgery SuiteElective surgeries
 - Our routine elective surgeries (such as spays and neuters) are available for dogs, cats, and rabbits. We always include a thorough physical examination, intravenous fluid therapy, pain control medications, an identification tattoo, and a personal warm touch heater to regulate body temperature during and after the surgery. Our neuter surgeries generally go home in the afternoon, and our spay/abdominal surgeries stay overnight for monitoring. We have an in-house camera monitoring system that our Veterinarians can access at any time to assess each patient overnight.

Non-Elective Surgeries - Our non-elective surgeries include, but are not limited to: laceration repairs, entropian/ectropian (eyelid surgery), hematoma repair (ear surgery), lump removals, and foreign body exploratory surgeries. For more information on what we have to offer our non-elective surgeries, please contact us.

Caesarian Section - Complications during whelping/queening can often lead to an emergency caesarian section. We have qualified Veterinarians and Registered Animal Health Technicians to aid in the arrival of your little ones! Your pet is thoroughly examined prior to such a procedure, and an x-ray may or may not be taken to assess the fetal position. We perform quick and efficient surgical intervention if necessary, and ultimate care for your neonates upon arrival. Oxygen therapy is supplemented and a warm touch heating system and/or incubator is used to keep body temperatures up. We will assist with proper latching/nursing if required, and mom is always given the ultimate in care with multiple pain control medications and a personal warm touch heating system during and after her surgery.

Orthopedic Surgeries
Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair - Cranial cruciate ligament ruptures are actually quite common in pets, especially in large breed dogs. We offer two types of cranial cruciate ligament repair surgeries:
• Lateral Imbrication Repair - This procedure is performed on smaller dogs and involves a surgical line placement (similar to fishing line) to temporarily replace the cruciate ligament.
• TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy )- This procedure is performed on the larger dogs and includes a complete adjustment of the knee's dynamics so that the anterior cruciate ligament is no longer necessary to aid in stabilization.

Luxating Patella Repair - Common in toy breed dogs, a luxating patella is when the knee cap is able to move in and out of the patellar groove. Often we will notice a hop in the dog's step or he may hold up three legs while running and then return to normal after a few steps. This surgery is performed while under a general anesthetic, and the technique we use here is called a Trochlear Modification. The Veterinary Surgeon will deepen the patellar groove, so that the patella is able to seat appropriately within the newly designed space.

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