Our in house diagnostics allow our team to provide quick diagnosis for your pets.

Cat in RadiologyDigital X-Ray System
 - Our in house radiology equipment is of modern technology with the ability to digitally portray the x-ray images directly onto a computer screen. This allows for quick and efficient diagnosis for your pet, and minimal wait times. We can then show you the x-ray images on any computer in the clinic so you too can see how we are diagnosing your pet.


In House Pharmacy
- With a complete in house pharmacy available, we can fill your prescription quickly and without hassle prior to your appointment departure. We also have the ability to order in specific medications, or send out to another pharmacy close to your home if your pet requires a specialty medication.

Diagnostic LabIn House Laboratory - We have a full in house laboratory which allows us to better diagnose and assess your pet's health and wellness. Our lab machines include:
    • Heska Element HT5 Hematology Analyzer: This machine performs a complete blood count (CBC) and evaluates the red blood cells (which carry oxygen to the tissues), white blood cells (which help to fight off infection), and platelets (which help form blood clots).
    • Heska Element DC Chemistry Analyzer: This machine measures the values that represent different organs in the body such as the liver and kidneys. It can aid in the detection of various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, pancreatitis, thyroid disorders and more. It also evaluates electrolytes and ensures that they are properly balanced.
    • Eurolyser Solo Analyzer: We are able to perform specific tests with this machine including, but not limited to phenobarbitol levels, fructosamine, SAA and more.
    • Arkray PocketChem UA Analyzer: This urinalysis machine assists in testing kidney function, pH levels, and whether or not a urinary tract infection is present.
    • Refractometer: This piece of equipment measures urine specific gravity, and lets us know how well the patient is concentrating his or her urine.
    • Microscope: This piece of equipment is used routinely for cytology of blood cells and analysis of urine and other bodily fluids.
If we have certain cases that require further diagnostics or specialized testing, we have various laboratories that we can send out samples to for quick and efficient testing. Often we will have results within 2-7 days time.

Viewing the microscope    

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