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Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases for cats and dogs. They are subject to broken teeth, orthodontic issues and cavities. Untreated these issues can create larger problems such as infections that can spread to many other parts of the body.

Dental Examination
 - Did you know that dogs have 42 teeth, and cats have 30 teeth? Just like you, your pet needs regular dental care. Our Veterinarians can provide a full examination and assessment of Dental Examyour pet's teeth and dental requirements. We have a wide selection of dental care products, treats, and food that aid in dental health and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar.

dentalDental Cleanings - Our Registered Animal Health Technicians perform your pet's dental scale and polish under general anesthesia. This allows for us to get a thorough look into the mouth, evaluate each tooth individually, and perform dental x-rays as necessary. General anesthesia requires that your pet be intubated (have a breathing tube placed) and this helps protect the airway from water and other fluids that are used throughout the dental procedure. We always provide intravenous fluid therapy, pain control medications, and local freezing as required. Your pet is also given a personal warm touch heater to keep his or her body temperature well regulated throughout the procedure, and upon recovery.


- Each individual tooth is assessed during dental prophylaxis, and in some cases, extraction of one or more teeth is necessary. Dental x-rays may be taken at this time to assess damage to the tooth root, and any bone changes that may have developed within the jaw. Our Veterinarians assess the condition of each tooth and perform these extractions after a local freezing agent has been given.
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