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Our Veterinarians are happy to offer services for both equine and bovine patients. Our team is always continuing their knowledge in Large Animal Medicine and have conducted programs for Herd Health Management in both Equine and Bovine operations. We will travel to your farm or stable for all large animal procedures, but our large animal facilities provide the ability to complete procedures at the clinic.


Equine ExamsHealth Examinations – A complete exam is conducted to assess overall health, parasite load, teeth and structure. An annual exam is recommended to maintain a healthy baseline for your equine partner regardless of your level of sport.

Pre-Purchase Exams - An extensive examination is performed from head to toe on your prospective horse. Over the course of a pre-purchase exam we will assess the animals vital parameters (heart rate, respiratory, mucus membranes etc.), ensure soundness (trotting, lunging and flexion tests), thoracic auscultation, eyes, teeth, a brief neurological exam will be conducted as well as other areas of the horse. At the end of a pre-purchase exam we will discuss any potential issues that we have discovered, talk about the need for further diagnostics and finally a written report will be provided to you with all of the findings of the pre-purchase exam.

Lameness Exams - Lameness issues are some of the most common reasons that horses are brought into any veterinary clinic. During a lameness exam we will assess the horse through trotting, lunging and flexion tests, we will look and assess the hoof of the horse and then perform further diagnostics, such as nerve blocks and radiographs as needed. Finally after a diagnosis is reached we will discuss and work with the owner to determine a treatment plan that works for both the horse and the owner.

Lower Leg X-RaysEye Exams - Trauma and other ocular diseases can be very uncomfortable for your horse. At the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore we can provide a thorough ophthalmic examination of your horse and determine the best course of treatment that will make your horse feel better as soon as possible

Vaccinations - At the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore we carry a wide range of vaccinations to suit every horse. Our team members would be more than happy to discuss your individual situation and recommend a vaccination protocol that is based on your horses needs for disease prevention.

Dental - Dental care is another very common and very important reason that horses are brought to any veterinary clinic. Hooks, ramps, sharp point and malallignments of the teeth can have severe consequences for your horse. We can correct these issues and ensure ideal performance and comfort for your horse.

Surgery - The Animal Care Centre of Strathmore performs elective surgeries such as, castrations, hernia repairs, enucleations, lump removals and lacerations. Emergency colic surgeries are referred to Moore & Co.

Reproduction - Reproductive health is a vital component of the overall health of a horse. At the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore we can provide pre-breeding, breeding, pregnancy and post partum solutions to any reproductive concerns that you may have.

Dr. Becky Checking Teeth

Diagnostics - We are equipped with in-house diagnostic machines, capable of processeing blood and urine samples within half an hour. The ability to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic testing enables a treatment plan to be developed immediately. Basic cytology samples are also run in-house during scheduled appointments. More complex and non-routine samples are sent to specialty laboratories. Coggins testing results will be returned in 4-7 days.

Emergency - The Animal Care Centre of Strathmore provides access to emergency veterinary services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all of our equine patients. Initial emergency colic work-ups are available and referral to the nearest surgical facility is also provided.

Insurance - We are able to provide insurance examinations and support you when filling out and submitting paperwork.

Education - We feel that client education is one of the most important aspects of providing veterinary care to our equine patients. That's why whether it is before, during or after your appointment our veterinarians and staff will do their very best to educate you on what they are doing or needs to be done, why a certain procedure would need to be done, how it is performed and what the outcomes are.


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