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Our Veterinarians are happy to offer services for both equine and bovine patients. Our team is always continuing their knowledge in Large Animal Medicine and have conducted programs for Herd Health Management in both Equine and Bovine operations. We will travel to your farm or stable for all large animal procedures, but our large animal facilities provide the ability to complete procedures at the clinic.

Cow-FaceHealth Exams
- We are outfitted with two large animal ultrasounds to go out on-farm to do pregnancy evaluations on cows as well as the equipment necessary to perform breeding soundness examinations on bulls (semen testing). We are also well equipped to do calvings and caesarian sections in clinic and on farm.

Our veterinarians are also certified to collect samples for the Canada and Alberta BSE Surveillance Program and perform export exams for cattle.

Another service we provide is on farm or in clinic necropsies. If samples are required, we have the capability to collect and ship to the appropriate reference laboratories.

Vaccinations - Our team of veterinarians would be happy to sit down and take the time to discuss a vaccine protocol specifically designed for your herd. We have a wide variety of vaccine products on hand. If any special requests are needed, please call and we would be happy to accommodate special orders. We can also keep track of your vaccination schedules for you, letting you focus on your animals.

Prep-for-cesareanReproduction - Reproductive health is a vital component to any cattle operation. At the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore we can help diagnose and solve problems from before conception until after the calf is born and at every stage in between. We offer pregnancy diagnosis, via ultrasound as well as calving services 24 hours a day.

Insurance Reports - If you ever require insurance documents written up, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to exam the animal on farm or in clinic and help fill out and submit all the paperwork.

Laboratory - The same laboratory services are available to our large animals as our small. We are able to run a number of tests in-house and for more complicated analysis we send samples to a lab in Calgary. (ie: histopathology, culture)

Education - Each year, we hold producer educational seminars where we bring in industry experts and other veterinarians in the field to discuss current events and hot topics. It's also a good networking opportunity for people in the community.

Emergency - We provide both daytime and evening emergency services.

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