We are taking a spring break from our Training Classes. Watch for informtion on the next sessions.

Cat Harbord from ImPAWsible Possible is offering dog training classes out of our clinic. 

Call us to register! 403-901-1800 

Do you have a reactive dog? A dog that you don't trust on a leash with other dogs? If yes, we can help!

These sessions will be:

Puppy Play & Learn - $249.00+GST

Basic Obedience -
Maximum 5 dogs per class ages 12weeks+

Intermediate Obedience -
Prerequisite is Level 1. Maximum 5 dogs per class

Fearful & Reactive -
Maximum 4 dogs per class. Call us for more information if your dog is suitable for this class.


About Cat:
Catherine (Cat) Harbord is the founder, principal trainer, and creative spirit behind ImPAWSible Possible, and she loves nothing more than being involved in the shaping, training and change her business helps to bring both on a community and personal level.

With a commitment to making a genuine difference in the lives of clients, dogs and in the community Cat has made the commitment to developing a socially responsible dog training facility that extends further than its training walls.

As a Certified Dog Trainer , Cat has helped retrain, empower and change the lives of countless canines and their people. Cat is passionate about the science of behaviour and is committed to lifelong learning in the areas of behaviourism, ethology and cognitive psychology. Cat also holds a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Sciences & Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI).

Other than working with dogs themselves, there's nothing Cat enjoys more than "talking dog" with other people. Whether it's a behavior question or a training tantrum, Cat looks forward to your questions and would love to help you with your training and behaviour conunundrums.


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