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Welcome to the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore

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Emergency Care for Current Patients

Dental Care

Regular dental care for your cat, dog and horse will improve their health and well being.
Ask us how!

Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Concerns can be addressed and potential health hazards caught early.

Herd Health

Our team can help you manage the health of your equine or bovine herd. With programs to match your needs you can visit us in clinic or we can come to you.


See the benefits of our Class IV Theraputic Laser in action on your pet. Ask your vet for more information.

Animal Care Centre of Strathmore

WELCOME! We are a mixed animal veterinary practice that opened in March 2007. Since then we have grown to provide our patients quality care with state-of-the-art technolgies. Our team consists of 12 Veterinarians, 12 Animal Health Technologists and 18 support staff. Our amazing team provides your family pet or livestock with superior care.

We are located 2 Km West of Strathmore, Alberta on the North side of the Trans Canada Highway on RR 254, only 30 minutes from Calgary. We welcome you to call or email us with any questions or to learn more about us and how we can care for your animals.

About Us

mainbottom1Small Animal Medicine

We have a very spacious small animal hospital where your pet will feel a warm and welcomed presence when greeted with treats upon check-in and lots of love and scratches from all of our compassionate team members.

mainbottom2Small Animal Surgery

Our double surgery suite enables our caring team of veterinarians and technicians the ability to complete a variety of surgical operations. Watch this video to see what your pets experience coming for surgery will be like: *note this was created before Covid

mainbottom3Wellness Vaccinations

It is important to keep your horses, cows, sheep, alpaca's, dogs and cats up-to-date on their vaccinations. You're busy enough - we can keep track of it all for you so it is less for you to manage.

mainbottom4Emergency Care (with established VCPR)

Emergency On Call.
Call us at (403) 901-1800.

Tips & Hints

Horses need dentists too! Horse teeth wear in specific patterns based on the way the horse eats its food. The edges of the teeth can become very sharp and cause abrasions within the mouth. If you note your horse showing oral pain, dropping feed, or loosing condition, be sure to have your veterinarian check his/her teeth. Routine dental floating is recommended every 1 to 3 years depending on the needs of your horse.

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